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to believe he might take the children outside of the u.s. after it was revealed he quit his job, closed his bank account and got rid of his assets and sold his home. the order also points out mathay lived in tie land and had several bank accounts there. >> according to this restraining order, there must be a court hearing on the matter. the judge asked he appear in court two weeks from today. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >>> and more breaking news. in lake county, fire officials have now lifted mandatory evacuation orders. but a wildfire continues to burn out of control. the fire is near the blue lakes area on cow mountain west of scott valley road and eight miles east of ukiah. sky 7hd took these remarkable pictures of the flames devouring the brush near lake county. it started this afternoon and burned down 500 acres or so. and on the telephone live is the california department of forest reand spokeswoman julie cooley. julie, are you there? >> i am here. >> the last time i talked with you on the news at 9:00 you told us the flames were moving away from the homes. is that still the case? >>
. among them u.s. ambassador christopher stevens who grew up in the bay area. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. the attack on the u.s. consulate seemed well orchestrated and designed to take lives. as many as 20 heavily armed men set fire to that compound trapping the americans inside. they likely died of smoke inhalation. two american destroyers and 50 marines are on the move to libia tonight. all u.s. embassies around the world are on high alert. chris stevens is the first u.s. ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1988. he rushed to the compound to help save others and gave his life in the process. ama dates is live from the cal campus where a vigil took place at stevens fraternity. ama? >> reporter: yes, he was honored because this is where he went to school, and this was his fraternity. i spoke to one of his friends today who actually met him through the fraternity. they have been good friends ever since. and really it is his friends and family who are having a hard time dealing with the news of his death. candles and condolences at the fraternity
is more. >> police and military now guard the u.s. embassy compound and school damaged by angry protestors. they have ordered all nonessential government and family members to leave sudan and tunisia. they issued travel warnings because the threat of more violence. in pakistan protestors stomped on the u.s. flag as the wave of anger continued to spread, even down under. >> taliban released this video of the aftermath of a revenge attack on a base in afghanistan. two u.s. marines were killed. several others wounded and extensive property damage including six very expensive u.s. jets. >> security was beefed up in paris as protestors gathered outside there and in benghazi libyan teams begin investigating the consulate where chris stevens and three other americans were killed on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. they are en route to make their own investigation. the man believed to be behind the controversial film that fueled the anti-american outrage left his california home, was questioned by probation officers and released. federal officials are investigating his activities. >>
killed in the chaos. u.s. troops are on their way to secure embassies in sudan, yemen and libya. at the center of these protests, the independent on-line movie made here that insults islam and ridicules the prophet, mohamed. but should youtube pull them from their site. thomas roman is live with the debate for us. thomas? >> president obama has deployed troops equiped for combat in libya and yemen to defend citizens and property. they fear it will worsen in the coming day usa cross the middle east -- across the middle east after violence sparked by a youtube video some say should be sensorred. in more than 30 countries they are rioting and two more countries are under siege due to the video called the innocence of muslim. it has, spaed anti-american violence -- it has spawned anti-american violence. he is with cay california's yemeni youth for change. >> it was shameful, disrespectful and outrageous frankly. something like this is put out to represent any people. >> he viewed the video recently and agrees with the muslim argument for taking it off the web, but disagrees with the
who died in libya. u.s. ambassador chris stevens, shawn smith and former navy seal glenn doherty all killed. another former seal tyrone woods was the fourth person who died. >> lybian official says there were 2 attack. first by a group that set the consulate on fire then a second attack on convoy carrying stevens, doherty an woods to safety. lybian government says it's already made some arrests. >> thinks what is left of the u.s. consulate, charred, ransacked, abandoned after the u.s. ambassador and 3 others were killed here. today the lybian government announced it hazard several of the militant it believes were responsible for tuesday late night assault. >> this is first time ambassador lost in more than 30 years. >>reporter: peter bart is a united nations mediator and visiting berkeley scholar. he and steve hence a friendship that spanned more than a decade. you knew the compound. was the compound secure. >> at the time that i knew that compound back in 2011 the security arrangement seemed to be fine. clearly circumstances have changed. >>reporter: stevens was raised in p
. >> more than an incon seasons. it continue 0s to be dangerous for everybody. reporter: hundreds of thousands are without electricity in the sweltering southern summer. >> i have a generator now. bought it yesterday, which is better but still miserable. >> now we need the things that are not going to spoil in the refrigerator. >> you can sit eat in this new orleans restaurant but by candlelight. >> we don't have any power since tuesday night so we cooked the meat stuff, and we. reporter: thousands are stranded in shelters, wondering when they'll see their homes again. >> we evacuated monday and it's been really hard on us. >> one day at a time. take it like that. reporter: for others, home is just a memory. >> some people probably aren't going back because there's nothing to go back to. reporter: isaac shut down gulf refine riz that produce 10% of the nation's falls,ing a sell writing a spike in gas prices just in time to make your labor a little harder to pay for foe labor day drive. >>> in louisiana, this may -- scene after flood water unearthed caskets in a graveyard. isaac re
anywhere from the low 60's to mid 80's. here's waxing crescent moon. 32 percent of full tonight. this was a time lapse is that cool or what as the moon was setting. i was lacking for the fog he couldn't find it. let's check out can't find it there's a reason for all this. that marine layer has just collapsed so we basically have no marin layer in place. skies clear. air running dryer. so we head to the morning hours we see limited low cloud coverage. good news for the shuttle fly over tomorrow morning. temperatures right now in the 50's and decision across the entire bay area except half moon bay down to 40 degrees. cool night patchy clouds. sunny mild tomorrow. looking at warmer weather for the first indicate of fall. mid to upper 40's in the north bay valley most other areas will be in the 50's. half moon bay down to 47 and we'll see some patches of low clouds around the renal first thing tomorrow morning. i want to show you basically what is coming as we lock at the computer animation year of low pressure that was original nationally to come right down in the bay ar
, and they began with a spray color, they started spray a lot of the window. >> ama: protesters broke windows at u.s. bank and wells fargo. the night before they hit the prognosis police station. and officers are standing by we riot gear to help. >> alan: san francisco airport officials say a worker was killed when he drove a truck into a private jet. he was 60-year-old ang of daly city. no other information is being released. >> ama: analysis by san jose mercury news says pension reform is doing very little to end double dipping, which isn't illegal but can cost a community big bucks. that's when retired safety workers receive both a retirement and a paycheck. this man is earning a total of $140,000 a year in retirement pace, and salary as san diego police chief, and redwood city employs chief grosses 350,000 last year by double dipping from a san jose pension in contra costa county; retiring clayton police chief earns a total of $82,000 last -- 282,000 last year. >> alan: a fire broke out in contra costa county. cal fire used the air tanker to drop fire retardant on the blaze. crews managed to get
incidents near schools on fry. >> police were forced to close a large park for several hours. s.w.a.t teams zeroed in on morgan territory regional preserve after getting reports a suicidal man with a gun was on the loose. officers were searching for the man on the ground. a helicopter also surveyed the park from the air. he eventually surrendered. >>> oakland police are looking for two people who tried to rob a drugstore. one shot was fired at the 3300 block of fruit veil avenue near montana street. the suspects got away in a car, and no injuries were reported. >>> and san francisco police will hold a town hall meeting to discuss an officer-involved shooting sparking two nights of protest. a plain clothed officer shot a suspected it gang member after a man pulled out a gun on thursday night. tomorrow's meeting will be held at 11:30 a.m. at the corner stone church located at 2459, 17th street. >>> there is heartache at the national zoo in washington. the new baby panda cub born just a week ago has decide -- has died. the six-day old cub was 4 ounces and thought to be in good help. the mother
. >>> a walnut creek woman sexually abused by two moraga middle school teachers in the 1990s is now suing the school district and former administrators. she says they ignored signs of abuse years before she was targeted allowing more students to become victims. leslie brinkley is here now with her story. leslie? >> that's right, kristen filed the lawsuit in superior court against the moraga school district and several retired administrators for as she said turning a blind eye to sexual abuse and letting etch tooers to prey on students. she shared the letter that triggered her filing the lawsuit this week. >> it took the air out of my lungs. i felt i couldn't breathe. >> in the letter dated june 12th, the moraga middle school student outlined being abused by a teacher. >> they knew he was abusing students. there were other letters in other memos and a documentation that he was abusing students and getting away with it. they created a culture and an environment. >> the principal and the other administrators ignored the abuse. at the time she was a 6th grader, and then two years later she be
in a pipe inspection program. >> u.s. chemical safety board says the decision made by chevron are being investigated. another decision in question has history residents even more fired up. >> how long can we hold our breath? the fire was spread over 11 hours. >> epa launched a criminal investigation into why chevron bypassed its air monitoring equipment and burned off toxic gas at least 20 times without reporting it between 2005 and 2009. >> when chevron installed 6 flow meter to comply with the regulation we did not recognize the need for meter on this line. >>reporter: she have respect payed a fine of 170,000 dollars for sulfur dioxide emission. >> i think these events make one make it harder for one to trust the credibility. i know they are working on it but it's hard to trust them under the circumstances. >> a lot of people were still complaining of health issues and weren't happy to here what cal/osha said tonight. they said it's unlikely that chemical can be detected in the body to prove the health issues are related to that refinery fire. reporting live in richmond, l abc 7 n
. the protesters moved to 16th and mission where the u.s. bank is and wells fargo. they smashed windows and spray painted graffiti and made damage to a restaurant nearby. police caught up with them, and that's when the group dispersed. there was no arrests. protestors were passing out these anti-police fliers talking about the shooting saying "you can't shoot us all." and here is a look at last night after the officer involved shooting. it was a 22-year-old who police say was armed with a tech 9. that man has a violent history of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and released from jail about two weeks ago. again tonight in the protest, one officer injured, and not life-threatening, and the protesters dispursed for now. police are keeping extra officers on the street all night. ama dates, abc7 news. >> thank you. >>> more breaking news on the peninsula. we are learning san mateo police swarmed three schools. there was a kidnapping attempt on parkside elementary and a stranger on one campus and somebody offering alcohol to students on the campus of bayside stem academy. police not sure if these
-year anniversary of the occupy movement. and marches are planned in 30 cities across the u.s. in san francisco, protesters are setting up tents in front of the bank of america building on california street. they plan on protesting what they feel is the economic injustice caused by big banks. more protests are expected tomorrow in the bay area including one at the wells fargo bank near the downtown berkeley bart station. san francisco's financial district there will be a demonstration at one market plaza and pg&e headquarters on market street. also another one at the war memorial on van ness. >>> chicago teachers will return to the picket lines for at least two more days after union leaders declined to suspend their strike. the chicago mayor asked city attorneys to seek a court order that would force teachers back to work. union leaders claim they need more time to review the city's latest contract proposal. the strike affects more than 350,000 students in america's third largest school system. >>> motel guests returned to their rooms after police coaxed a wanted man to surrender peacefully. th
assess each roun round. that's not what happen happens. >> police say they found 50 ecstacy 90's romero consider. officers involved are on routine administrative leave while solana county district attorney's office investigates. >> dump borton bridge open tonight about half day ahead of schedule. span shut down over the holiday weekend for retrofit work. it was to reopen tomorrow mrping at 5:00 but traffic started flowing again tonight just before 7:30. they replaced joint on east side of the bridge to make it more flexible in the event of mainly earthquake. engineers replace the west side of memorial day woon. >> more to come at 11:00. new crack down on parking. bay area city looking for parking placard abuse and what could happen to those who get caught. >> also the worst commute in the nation. 3 of them are right here in the bay year. we tell you if yours made the willist. >> as the presidential race enters the home stretch the new scheme that is targeting voters what you need to watch out for. all that coming up then on "nightline". >> hello. coming up. church bashing rap w
attended haze ntion the 80's and made a lasting impression. as for the current crop of students he made an impression on them too. >> ambassador serves as shining example to all of us. >>reporter: none of the students knew ambassador christopher stevens. he graduated from uc hastings college of law in 1989. but the young men and women felt compelled to take part in a candle light vigil in his honor. >> he sat in the same classroo classroom. maybe he has the same professors and we are connected to this person. he was a great person. grit person to be connected to. >>reporter: ambassador stevens died last we can after an attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. part of wave of unrest over an apartment islam film. witness accounts new video now indicate the ambassador was still breathing when a crowd of libya walk through the compound after the assault. carried him to a car that drove him to the hospital. stevens succumb from the injuries not listening after. the government believes he died of smoke inhalation. >> can't come to our school and answer questions and ask ask for advic
matthewfás is in charlotte tonight with the president speech and reaction from bay area delegat delegate. >>reporter: the president said in november voters will have a choice not just between candidates or parties but between fundamentally different paths for the country. >> madam chair woman, delegate delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. [applause]. >> president obama said he wants to restoret( the value tht built america. >> largest middle class and strongest economy the world has ever known. [applause]. >>reporter: characterizes the republican plan as the same prescription they have had for 30 years. >> feel a cold come on, take 2 tax cuts, roll back some regulations and call us in the morning. [applause]. >>reporter: he caution oned some in his party not to depend on government to solve every problem and lit into republicans believing govern government is the problem. >> any more than our welfare recipient or corporation or union or immigrant or gays or any other group we are told to blame for our troubles. plots applause. >>reporter: foreign p
in the region in the 50s and 60s. it is only going to get cooler first thing tomorrow morning. watch out for pockets of dense fog for that morning drive. now, we are about to head into warm to hot territory later this week. i will be back to let you know when you might want to break out the shorts and the t-shirts. dan? >> sandhya, thanks very much. >>> san jose's little saigon controversy is heating up again. this time over a plan to put up freeway signs. remember four years ago members of the vietnamese community demanded that san jose rename the area known as little saigon. it was compromised by allowing privately sponsored street signs. cal trans says it it cannot post the signs unless the council approves a resolution. a vote is expected on election day, november 6th. >>> up next, comcast is slashing jobs and closing call centers and moving out of the bay area. why the cable provider is heading for greener pastures. >> also here, look, ma, no hands. california makes it legal, but how soon will we really see these driverless cars. >> and lady gaga is talking about her body. her conf
's asked the boys to get him a cab. they refused and he began punching trevor. police arrived. cuffed the man noticed he was carrying marijuana. the da office charged the man with possession but not assault. >> i don't feel that what this man is getting is justice. i told my brothers would i do whatever it takes to make sure that this man pay force his crime. >>reporter: family has created a facebook page called justice for trevor to rally support for their teenager. >> parent only meeting took place at albany middle school tonight to discuss the arrest of sixth grade teacher on lewd conduct charges. parents were told students in james class placed in other sixth grade classes beginning monday. 28-year-old teacher has been charged within appropriate contact with former student. neighborhood activist march down south first street in san jose tonight showing those who bring prostitution to the streets they are not wanted. residents are concerned about solicitation up and down the street especially in front of local library. >> man behind an anti-muslim film responsible for
the bay area. temperatures are primarily in the 50s and 60s. actually we are having problems with the graphic. let's see if i can get a different clicker. perhaps that will advance. and you will see the numbers here. apparently we are having trouble. we will have to toss it back to you, carolyn and dan, and hopefully we will get a reboot. we will do the contrast. 49,000 viewers have liked us on facebook, and you are all eligible to enter our sweep stakes to win $49,000 go to news and click on our win the $49,000 button. that will take you to the page where you can actually fill out the form and we will announce the winner on october 18th, right after the 49er game here on abc7 news. it is $49,000 you can win. pretty big win. and of course one lucky winner will get that. good luck to you all. hopefully we will have the weather forecast in a few minutes. >> you know when your computer freezes up at home how irritating that is? >> exactly. i am rebooting and it is coming back. >>> coming up next, it is fright night. >> at one of the >>> let's look at our weathe
. warm to 78 degrees. antioch, 70s right now. and san francisco, 55. our highlights next week, they include low clouds near the coast and bay tonight. it will turn cooler for your sunday afternoon, and then we'll rebound nicely with warming temperatures as we head into the middle part of next week. here's a look at our lows tonight. generally in the 50s. we may see a few mid-to-upper 40s, and extreme north bay communities such as cloverdale and santa rosa, and the fog base will move in near the coast and the bay, and the culprit is this area of low pressure right here, the counterclockwise spin, it's going to push the low clouds and fog a little towards the coast and the bay overnight tonight, but it's also going to bring us a cooler air matches that's why temperatures for sunday will come down. i do want to pass along a couple advisories. a red flag warning from noon to 8:00, lake county, towards the sierra range. low relative humidity, less than 10%. and strong winds will pick up out of the west. quite a bit of wave action. we do have a beach hazard advisory for strong rip c
: if the readers picked up and left again today it would rip my heart out. this happened in the 80's. >> if they leave there goes the pride and love. a lot of. that that's what this town needs right now. we need it bad. >>reporter: the mayor rally kicks off a week of events saluting oakland a's and raiders. but not the golden state warriors basketball team. >> reality for sure is the were yours are probably leaving. >>reporter: radio announcer says a owner wolf also wants out of oakland but major league baseball will not authorize a move to san jose. meanwhile los angeles is gunning for an nfl team. it's already proposing the construction of a new stadium. fichlt. [applause]. >>reporter: cap mayor kwan trust raiders owner davis not to the leave for la? >> you have to listen to mark davis. he says he wants to stay in the bay area. >>reporter: but kwan knows what it really takes. she recently announced a new stadium proposal that include hotel and retail shopping all link to the bart and airport connect or. but it all comes down to one thing. >> want to make more money bot
are struggling to get into the 60s and 70s. livermore is a good 20 degrees below normal for this time of year. it was only in the 60s. the temperatures right now in the 50s. here are the highlights. we are basically looking at cloudy skies. areas of drizzle. partly cloudy and below normal for your saturday afternoon. but much warmer weather coming your way sunday and labor day. look for widespread low clouds. if you are heading out the door and starting your holiday weekend, grab a sweatshirt and jacket. patchy drizzle expected and there are slick roadways for sure. here is what is causing the cooler air today and the deep marine layer. it is a trough. this toough heads east and once it pushes out of here, we will start to see a reversal and there is much warmer weather for your sunday and monday. 78 degrees for los gatos. mostly sunny skies and mid70s campbell, san jose, santa clara. on the peninsula you will start out gray and partly sunny around redwood city. 72 in palo alto. 58 in pacifica. there is not much change there. sunset district 59 degrees. downtown san francisco mostly sunny and
with his knife. >>> authorities arrested several people in fraudulent financial rings. the u.s. attorney's office and the department of education have recovered nearly a million dollars. the investigation focused on community colleges and four schools including the university of phoenix. >> the defendant sometimes applied in their own names, but often recruited students with no intention of actually attending college classes. >> once the college gets the check it will cover books, food, rent and transportation. but the thieves drop out of scl and spend the money on luxuries instead. additional indictments are pending. >>> a daredevil near sacramento faces charges after a failed base jump from the highest bridge in california. 26-year-old raymond arietta failed to land on his feet after making an illegal jump from 730 feet on top of the foresthill bridge in placer county. it is a popular spot to base jump, but it is against the law. his chute got tangled in a tree and he was trapped above the ground for five hours until rescue crews could free him early this morning. >> we will never jump
's heat antioch 63 and 50s elsewhere with 59 in oakland. san francisco 56 and already dropping to 55 in santa rosa. and then a string of 60s as you work your way down the peninsula. redwood city is 61. our highlight, we will go with the low clouds tonight and mainly near the coast and the bay. it should be clear, and cool inland overnight. sunny and mild for your monday at noon, enjoy it. and then as we progress through the week, a little warming each day. by wednesday and thursday the inland temperatures pop back up into the 90s. the lows tonight, santa rosa with a little bit of clear sky overnight, you will be chilly, 43 degrees. by the way, sonoma airport last night reported 39. definitely going to be a cool night in the north bay. napa 46. 54 for livermore and 58 for antioch. 53 san francisco and palo alto as well. early tomorrow morning,53 degrees. low pressure cooled parts of the bay area down today. it will be replaced by a ridge of higher pressure and also a little bubble of mild to warm air that will scoot back in gradually warming us through the workweek. it is not going to
to joining the chp he was a u.s. army reservist. youngstrom's family and friends have been coming by john muir medical center all day and into the evening. as you can see here, his family was escorted by officers this afternoon so they could be by his side. >> i have been speaking with officer youngstrom's family, and they have asked me to convey their thanks to their extended family and friends, the law enforcement and public safety community and the public for their support. >> a great individual. a super individual, a man of faith and support and encourage meant to those around him and his fail members, and just -- his family members and just hearing the stories that it goes along with the kind of guy that i know. >> we have seen a steady stream of officers in uniform. i am told someone will stay with youngstrom through the night, and he will never be alone. youngstrom's family have come from northern and southern california, and the chp told me awhile ago that they are having a very hard time right now and have asked for their privacy. the entire thing has shaken up not just law enfor
sides feel the case will ultimately go to the u.s. supreme court. >>> a few hours ago the incident with the pepper spray that made news, they do not plan to file criminal charges against uc davis police officers who doused students with pepper spray during an occupy protest last november. the yolo county district attorney's office says there was insufficient evidence to prove the use of force was illegal. a los angeles judge ruled today that california's ban on flaw graw is to remain in place. they say the law banning the pours feeding of ducks and geese to enlarge their livers is too vague and interferes with interstate commerce. a series of abc7 news i-team investigations lead to the ban that went into affect on july 1st. well, after nearly four hours hanging 300 feet in the air, stranded riders are free and back on the ground tonight. it happened at knot berry farm in orange county on a ride called the wind seeker. for the second time in 12 days by the way the ride malfunctioned and they dangled there hundreds of feet in the air. engineers lowered the ride and got the 20 people
are 50s and 60s and we still have a lot of cloud cover overhead. showers ending thursday morning and slight risk of thunderstorms and a mild pattern for the weekend. here is the satellite and the radar. remnant lows of tropical storm john made their way up toward the bay area, and that's why we saw all of the active weather today combined with the daytime heating. for your thursday the showers will be ending in the morning and so will the thunderstorm threat. look what comes our way by late thursday morning into thursday afternoon. we are talking about sunshine in the bay area. first thing tomorrow morning count on a humid feel. we will see a combination of the midand high clouds and the fog in the morning could still be some damp roadways. slow down out there if you are heading out the door and give yourself some extra time due to the possibility of the showers. in the afternoon it is dry and upper 80sand warm in our inland valleys. 80 in san jose and 65 san francisco. half moon bay 59. santa rosa 78 and around the monterey bay, 63 in monterey and up to 84 in morgan hill. accu-w
, and in fact here is a look at the highs today. today was perfect. low 90s inland locations. antioch the high was 92. very comfortable in san rafael. 66 in san francisco. it was 80 in san jose. folks, tonight the winds are going to shift to more offshore. a warm -- a warmer wind direction. that's what prompted the heat watch sunday night through monday for much of the interior valley areas. we are looking for temperatures warming anywhere 90 to as much as 102 degrees tomorrow. we will detail some of the bay area highs coming up a little later on in the show. >> thank you, leigh. >>> several bay area counties are opening cooling centers to help people deal with the heat. in santa clara county, they will be open in cupertino and morgan hill. contra costa county has three centers in san ramon. you can cool off at three city libraries and the sports center. for more information go to and click on see it on tv. >>> well, in vallejo, federal investigators are helping police with a fire they say was intentionally set to destroy the law offices of mayor davis. it started at 1:30 this mor
in the mid to low 90s. here is a look at our highlights. we will go with coastal clouds overnight and a possibility of dense fog near the coast. warmer for your labor day holiday, and then we will cool things off wednesday and thursday. cool in the north and compare that with 56 and clear skies in antioch and 47 for half moon bay. here is the high pressure as it continues to build in. the low pressure that brought us the cooler air mass has kicked toward the east of us. and as this high continues to build in we will see less fog and less widespread fog tomorrow. that will translate to more sunshine and we will warm up a few more degrees. if you are head together sausalito art festival, a terrific day. warmer tomorrow with highs around noontime or so in the mid to low 70s. the sea breeze will kick in at 7:00. that's when the temperatures will cool down. don't forget the jacket. you will probably need it. here is our high for monday. enjoy the day off. antioch in the east bay is one of the warmest places. 95 and 94 for livermore. san rafael 86, 70 for san francisco. 85 for san jose
and destroyed an embassy flag. he was shot to death on the u.s. consulate in libia. >>> on this anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a stark reminder of what was once there. two blue beams of light represent the twin towers. ceremonies in new york were kept purposefully low key. only family members spoke. president obama and first lady michelle paid visits to arlington national cemetery and the pentagon. >>> in the south bay, a multi multi-phase picnic took place in front of the government center. >> the gathering started with several people including a four-year-old muslim girl saying prayers promoting peace and sharing their thoughts 11 years after 9/11. >> slowly people are getting more and more educated and they are starting to understand that most of the americans born here are not a threat to the united states. >> they are 1.2 billion in the world. and 99.9% are peaceful. >> also on display the quilt symbolizing the library. >> the bay area 9/11 ceremonies included this one for the passengers and crew killed aboard san francisco-bound flight 93. firefighters in san francisco and
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